Vision, Mission, and Values: Values

Our Values

As God has led us in the founding of A New Day Church, we have established under His direction these twelve values that represent our commitment to Godís will and vision for our church and our community of faith. These are the core principles and primary purposes of our church and correspond to the philosophy of ministry to which we are committed. 

When a person becomes part of our church, we want them to be immersed into a spiritual community of faith that presents a clear message of our core values.

The Foundation of the Word of God

We are building our church on Godís principles, patterns, and purposes found in the Holy Scriptures.

  1. The Word of God is the foundation upon which all principles, patterns, and purposes for every ministry and program of our church are based.
  2. We are careful to construct everything we do on the rock of Godís revelation in the Scriptures, the Holy Bible.
  3. We believe a covenantal theology and interpretation of the Scriptures, believing that Godís ultimate plan for redemption is to be worked out through the Church Ė a people made up of every ethnicity, language, race, and nationality.
  4. We will help equip believers to build their personal lives, relationships, marriages, families, finances, and businesses on the solid rock of Godís Word by encouraging active faith and obedience.
  5. Grace and truth come from Jesus Christ Ė the Living Word. Therefore, as people of His Word, we are committed to express and be balanced by grace and truth.
  6. We will use every means possible to communicate and impart the Word of God to peopleís hearts and lives Ė including expository preaching, foundational teaching and doctrine, training, modeling, publications, communications, music, and media. 
  7. We will avoid ministry fads or trends that may subtly lead us away from the fundamental principles of Scripture.

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The Presence of the Holy Spirit

We are building our church on the dependent presence, direction, witness, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit for effective ministry.

  1. The Holy Spirit is our wisdom, understanding, counsel, and power in conjunction with the Word of God in determining the strategies of the church in ministry.
  2. We encourage the empowerment of the Holy Spirit through the baptism of the Spirit, the fillings of the Spirit, and the release of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the life of every believer.
  3. Those who minister and lead in our church will be trained in and committed to having a right spirit, exemplifying the character and attitudes of the Spirit.
  4. We invite the anointing of the Holy Spirit in our ministry times, which releases the power of God to destroy strongholds in peopleís lives.
  5. We value prophetic revelation and guidance. We recognize that the prophetic word is not to be despised, but judged properly by the elders of the church. It must line up with the revelation of the Scriptures and be delivered by seasoned and mature prophetic ministries.
  6. We will endeavor to cultivate a submission to and a spiritual liberty from the Holy Spiritís direction to reign in all our gatherings.
  7. We treasure the presence and expression of the Holy Spiritís anointing in our services.

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Faith-Building Encouragement

We are committed to responding to the Word and the Holy Spirit in faith, believing that we are built up and strengthened through biblical edification and encouragement.

  1. We seek to emphasize a faith-building approach of edification as the ongoing ministry style of our church.
  2. People need encouragement and faith; therefore, we want to lift up and edify people through all the ministry expressions of our church.
  3. Our trust and confidence is in the truth of Godís Word and the power of the Holy Spirit (not in the wisdom of man) to bring about the transformation of Godís will and purpose for our lives.
  4. Our desire is to build the strong confidence in peopleís hearts, that with God nothing is impossible: exalting the goodness, power, and greatness of God and encouraging each person to trust in His divine enablement.
  5. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God; therefore, we are building all our ministries on the solid revelation of the Scriptures, pointing people toward a personal, daily dependence on the Bible.
  6. Faith and edification involves responding with biblical strategies that bring supernatural solutions to the problems of peopleís lives, homes, and businesses and that address the social problems in our community and culture.
  7. Building through faith focuses on the long-range processes of preparing for future generations as the Lord tarries.

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Prayer and Intercession

We are committed to responding to the Word and the Holy Spirit with personal and corporate prayer and intercession.

  1. We are committed to a faith dependency on God through personal and corporate prayer, for without Him we can do nothing.
  2. Our God is a good God (not unjust Ė but just) and is willing and generous to freely give His children everything we need without limit.
  3. Faith is the foundation of prayer: believing the promises of God, believing that He hears us when we pray, and believing with patience that we receive what we ask for as we pray in accordance with His will.
  4. We are committed to modeling and teaching the development of personal and corporate prayer patterns so that all people can express themselves to God and can receive from Him in order to help bring about the will and purpose of God for His people.
  5. As believers, we are called Royal Priests and Kings to be a House of prayer for all nations, dedicated to (the) intercession for others.
  6. We meet the strategies and powers of darkness through prevailing prayer and intercession to resist real satanic powers aimed at us in building the church of Jesus Christ.
  7. Every ministry and mission of the church will employ strategic prayer and intercession to guide and accomplish the work to which God has called us.

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Worship, Praise and Thanksgiving

We are committed to embracing the presence of Jesus Christ with worship, praise, and thanksgiving in all our gatherings.

  1. The presence of God is the heartbeat of our church, knowing that from Him comes salvation, refreshing, cleansing, healing, comfort, direction, strength, provision, and deliverance for people.
  2. We are committed to the reality of the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ by freely expressing our love, praise, and thankfulness for Him and all He has done.
  3. God is seeking those who worship Him in Spirit; responding to His Spirit with the whole heart, soul and mind. God is also seeking those who worship Him in truth; responding to Him according to the patterns of worship as revealed in the Scriptures. 
  4. We believe that true worship comes from a devoted heart, generated out of love for Him and all His manifold goodness.
  5. Worship is expressed to Christ every day of the week as we live in accordance with His will and purpose.
  6. The worship in our services and gatherings will be balanced, contemporary, and uplifting, using a variety of music styles all focused on bringing glory to God and releasing the Spirit of worship in His people. 
  7. Our passion is to know and experience Jesus, to focus on His pre-eminence rather than on the entertainment of man.

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Love for People

We are committed to one another in the spirit of Christian love, unity, and fellowship.

  1. We will endeavor to demonstrate biblical love, kindness, compassion, and encouragement to all who attend our church, working together in/with common vision as Godís spiritual family.
  2. We are committed to purposely pastoring people through every season of life: birth, graduations, marriage, death, trials, and triumphs.
  3. We will always value people above numbers, projects, programs, or facilities.
  4. As the family of God, we recognize that we are created in Christ to do good works in all areas of life and godliness for the sake of His Kingdom.
  5. Kingdom work and ministry are the basis for the growth, development, and strengthening of relationships.
  6. Relating to people in Christ-like love includes a level of accountability that encourages gentle, loving confrontation with forgiveness when a person sins in addition to restoration, loyalty, and discretion as we move forward in Christ-likeness.
  7. We are committed to resolving conflicts with a biblical model of love, forgiveness, and maturity. 

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Prosperity with Purpose

We believe God prospers His people for the purpose of extending His Kingdom.

  1. We believe that God freely prospers his people with His blessings on us, in us, and through us in every area of life and godliness.
  2. Godís prosperity is with purpose: to prosper His people to bless others to extend His Kingdom throughout the earth.
  3. We are committed to teaching and training people in the biblical model of sowing and reaping Ė including tithes, offerings, gifts to the poor, missions, and other ministries with a spirit of willing liberal generosity.
  4. We recognize those gifted with the grace of giving, administration, and helps for the furtherance of the work of Godís church.
  5. We are committed to seeing our pastors duly compensated so that they can give their full attention to the work of pastoring people.
  6. We will adequately plan, prepare, and accomplish all the ministries of the church with a spirit of excellence.
  7. We recognize that moneys given by Godís people and administered under Godís direction are a sacred trust and are to be handled with wisdom and accountability.

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Harvest Reaching

We are obeying our biblical mandate to reach and share the gospel: first to our city, and then to the ends of the earth.

  1. Our evangelism efforts are founded on a healthy church that strategically effects and influences our city and community.
  2. We are reaching through and building bridges to every social, cultural, economic, and ethnic barrier that exists in our region.
  3. We are extending the influence of our church to the divinely appointed harvest fields in other nations, targeting the building up of pastors, leaders, and churches.
  4. Every Spirit-filled, faith-enriched believer is to be deployed as a life-giving, bridge-building messenger of the good news of Jesus Christ.
  5. We believe that God has put in every person a desire to know Him, a yearning for truth and purpose, and a longing to be assured of eternal life. We are, therefore, committed to boldly sharing with and loving all people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  6. We are reaching people through good works targeting both natural and spiritual needs, freely demonstrating the love, goodness, and reality of God.
  7. As servants of reconciliation, we will recognize Godís divine appointments, demonstrate in a natural way a supernatural relationship with Jesus, and lead people to the question of accepting Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

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Transformation Restoration

We trust in the power of God to transform and restore peopleís lives: spirit, soul, and body.

  1. We believe that through the sacrifice of Christ, our Heavenly Father has given the church every resource needed to help people solve all life-dominating problems by the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. We are committed to helping people realize biblical transformation and restoration through repentance from sinful habits, breaking strongholds in faith, and moving forward in sanctification through a willful cooperation with the Spirit-led walk.
  3. We will lead every believing follower of Jesus to make the decision to pursue the disciple-becoming process in order to be like Christ.
  4. We will help every disciple of Jesus Christ to understand and discover their works of service and divine giftings for use in the Kingdom of God.
  5. We are committed to the restoration of all that God has given us in Jesus Christ through a transformed and renewed spirit, soul, and body.
  6. We are helping to meet needs through social service oriented ministries.
  7. We are committed to the power of God: signs, wonders, miracles, healing, and blessings to enable every member of the Body of Christ to accomplish their God-given destiny and purpose as healthy and mature disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Cooperative Diversity

We are a people of every cultural background, joined together in united responsiveness to divine destiny.

  1. We are committed as Godís family to bridge all cultural barriers to reach young and old, male and female, single and married, rich and poor, red, yellow, brown, black, and white.
  2. We believe that this Spirit of unity and love is an earthly manifestation of Godís desire to see every family, tribe, tongue, race, and nation gathered together worshiping Him throughout eternity.
  3. The Spirit of unity occurs as we learn to walk worthy of the calling and giftings we have received in Christ and to respond to others as Christ has to us, with all humility, gentleness, mercy, forgiveness, and intentional reconciliation and peacemaking.
  4. We believe the church is at its best effectiveness as people with varied gifts, works of service, roles, and functions operate cooperatively under the oversight of the pastors under the head of the Church Ė Jesus Christ.
  5. Divine diversity requires great sensitivity and covenantal commitment on the part of each member to other ethnic, age, gender, economic, or ministry groups.
  6. We will continue to celebrate our common ground in the lifeblood of Jesus Christ, the grace of the Holy Spirit at work within us, and the eternal purposes of God before us.
  7. We believe in the unity of all true believers and recognize we are only a part of the expression of the Body of Christ in our city, and therefore, are committed to promoting unity among all true Christian churches and true disciples of all denominations. 

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All Generations

We are promoting and reproducing the Life of Jesus Christ in relevant ways to present and future generations. 

  1. We are committed with the best of our time, energy, and money to quality, relevant ministry to our children and youth.
  2. We are committed to all generations of adults, including singles, married couples, and seniors with meaningful ministries and strategic mission.
  3. We believe in systematically training and equipping all generations in the purposes of God for His church.
  4. We see all generation ministries of the church working together to build and maintain a generation pipeline as a means of developing every person into leaders and mature disciples for the Kingdom of God.
  5. We see our youth ministries as the training ground for the next generation of servant leaders in the church.
  6. We are committed to modeling the Christian life in character, action, and relationship with our future generations.
  7. Our congregational events, services, and gatherings will always have a fresh, relevant, and youthful emphasis in order to continually focus on reaching and bridging the next generation.

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Integrity and Balance

We are safeguarding our church on foundations of Christian character and personal holiness.

  1. We are committed through growing relationship with Jesus to see the divine nature and likeness of Christ developed in every believer, as they are discipled toward maturity in Him.
  2. We believe that character, integrity, and balanced Christ-likeness are the foundation of all that we are, all that we do, and all relationships with others.
  3. We are committed to modeling honest, sincere and discreet transparency of our lives in relationship to God and others as we are transformed into His likeness.
  4. The pastors, staff, and leaders of the church are held accountable to a godly and balanced standard and lifestyle, established as examples to the church.
  5. Every member of the church is expected to publicly and privately live a life of Christ-like righteousness in all areas in accordance with the Holy Scriptures.
  6. We are aware that we reproduce who we are; therefore, we are careful to maintain our fresh love relationship with Christ as our primary priority.
  7. We have a structure of biblical accountability that is a safeguard for the people, pastors, and leaders of our church. This accountability is through covenant relationships of the church staff, the pastoral team, the legal board of elders of A New Day Church, and apostolic relationship with other leaders in the Body of Christ.

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How the Values Relate

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"Mark is a compassionate, warm and friendly pastor. I am impressed with the live interaction between him and the people. The most important aspect of his ministry is how the Holy Spirit uses him as a tremendous blessing to others." 
-Ben Doko


"The Lord God will bring men and women to come alongside of Pastor Mark and Carmen to agree in purpose, to agree in vision, to agree doctrinally, and to agree scripturally. There will be agreement and you will walk together in totality. You do as You did with Aaron, You pour forth the oil upon the head and it runs down upon the beard, upon the skirt. I thank You Father for the oil, the anointing oil that flows from You the Head all the way down. I thank You Father because of the unity.Ē
-Pastor Jeff Ching, Mercy Seat Ministries, March 27, 2003

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